Halong Bay is a renowned tourist destination in Northern Vietnam. Every year, it attracts thousands of visitors for sightseeing and relaxation. As a result, Halong Bay boasts numerous luxurious and picturesque hotels and resorts. Below, let’s explore with San Travel the top 5 star hotels in Halong Bay for your perfect trip.

5 Star Hotels in Halong Bay

Grand View Palace

The Grand View Palace Hotel is a luxurious 5-star establishment located along the most scenic coastal road of Halong Bay and is in close proximity to the city center. Guests at this hotel are treated to breathtaking views of the bay, blending majesty with poetic charm. The elegant Western architecture will surely captivate you, as will the warm and friendly staff.

Grand View Palace
Grand View Palace

Grand View Palace is one of the few 5 star hotels in Ha Long Bay designed in Royal Neoclassical style with maximum amenities, the Grand View Palace Hotel in Halong provides expansive conference spaces, diverse culinary styles, professional services, and top-notch facilities. Completed in 2021, it houses 118 rooms ranging from standard to premium, and a convention center capable of accommodating up to 2,500 guests. The hotel delivers an international standard of service catering to every lodging need of its visitors.

Grand View Palace Hotel has an architectural style following the Royal Neoclassical style
Grand View Palace Hotel has an architectural style following the Royal Neoclassical style

The Grand View Palace offers a variety of room types catering to diverse guests with different needs. Furthermore, every room is adorned with beautiful and lavish furnishings, and comes fully equipped with all necessary amenities meeting 5-star standards. You can rest assured that your stay here will be both comfortable and replete with all modern conveniences.

Grand View Palace Halong is not just an ideal place to stay and relax, but also a perfect venue for business meetings or social interactions in a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. It stands as the ideal choice for guests visiting Halong Bay, a world-renowned natural wonder.

Detailed address

  • Address: Tran Thai Tong Street, Group 6, Area 6, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province.
  • Phone number: 098 247 9999.

Guests staying at the hotel can easily appreciate the beauty of Halong Bay, a World Natural Heritage site. Additionally, visiting the city’s renowned tourist attractions such as Bai Chay Bridge and the Sun Ferris Wheel becomes a breeze due to the short travel time, offering great convenience for guests.

Tourist attractions near Grand View Palace

Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay boasts a natural beauty that rivals that of Halong Bay, making it one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Quang Ninh province. When you visit Bai Tu Long Bay, you’ll be treated to the sight of hundreds of large and small islands scattered throughout the bay, coupled with the pristine beauty of its gorgeous beaches. Photos taken here are sure to be stunningly breathtaking.

Bai Chay Bridge

The Bai Chay Bridge connects Bai Chay and Hon Gai and is conveniently located near the Grand View Palace Hotel. Many liken this bridge to a silk ribbon spanning across the river due to its unique modern architecture. The surrounding views from the bridge are also captivating, showcasing the natural beauty of Halong Bay.

Sun Wheel Halong

The Sun Wheel in Quang Ninh at the Sun World Complex is a notable attraction worth visiting in Halong. It is the largest Ferris wheel in Vietnam. Beyond its impressive statistics, you’ll undoubtedly be enthralled by the panoramic views of the picturesque Halong Bay from atop the wheel.

D’Lioro Hotel

Panorama of D'Lioro Hotel & Resort
Panorama of D’Lioro Hotel & Resort

D’Lioro ranks second on our list of recommended 5 star hotels in Halong Bay today. While being a 5-star hotel often suggests a premium price, it remains a top pick for many. Curious as to why? Let’s delve in!

Situated on Hai Quan Hill, often regarded as the most scenic hill in Halong, D’Lioro Hotel stands majestically, exuding opulence and elegance. What sets this resort apart from our other top 10 hotel recommendations is its offering of not just rooms, but also expansive and notably secluded villas, ensuring the highest levels of comfort and privacy for its guests.

Fully equipped rooms
Fully equipped rooms

Venturing outside the tranquil haven of this Halong hotel, within a short span, you can dive into the city’s vibrant heart, be amidst the Sun Group’s entertainment complex, or meander through lively streets filled with stores. Even better, give in to the allure of the vast, unspoiled white sand beaches.

Detailed address

  • Address: Beverly Hills Resort Villa Area, Hai Quan Zone 4, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province.
  • Phone number: 025 7777 7777.

Tourist attractions near D’Lioro Hotel

When you’re in Halong – Bai Chay, don’t miss out on these exciting tourist spots near D’lioro Hotel:

  • Sun World Halong Park – just 3.3km from D’lioro Hotel
  • Bai Chay Beach – a short 4.7km from D’lioro Hotel
  • Quang Ninh Museum – 7km from D’lioro Hotel
  • Tuan Chau Island – 13km away from D’lioro Hotel
  • Thien Cung Cave – located 15km from D’lioro Hotel.

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Wyndham Legend

Wyndham Legend
Wyndham Legend

When discussing 5 star hotels in Halong Bay, one cannot forget to mention the Wyndham Legend Halong. This luxury hotel & resort is situated in Bai Chay, just 6.5km away from the Halong city center. It holds the distinction of being the first 5-star hotel constructed in Bai Chay, offering a breathtaking view that encompasses the entirety of Halong Bay.

Within the grounds of Wyndham Legend Halong, guests can enjoy a lavish outdoor swimming pool, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, and fitness and spa centers catering to visitors’ needs. The Wyndham Legend Halong has a total of 217 rooms. All of them are furnished with top-notch amenities, meeting 5-star standards. The resort is ideal for any kind of stay, be it for business or leisure.

Wyndham Legend is one of the 5-star hotels in Ha Long Bay with the most luxurious and classy space
Wyndham Legend is one of the 5-star hotels in Ha Long Bay with the most luxurious and classy space

Detailed address

  • Address: 12 Halong Road, Bai Chay, Halong
  • Phone number: 84-(0)-203-3636 555

Tourist attractions near Wyndham Legend

Sunworld Halong

From the hotel, it’s only a short walk to the Ocean Park amusement area and the Queen’s cable car station. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to experience Vietnam’s fastest roller coaster and one of the world’s tallest ferris wheels.

Quang Ninh Museum

The hotel is approximately 7 km away, equivalent to an 11-minute drive via QL18. The one-way taxi fare ranges from 83,000 VND for vehicles seating 4-7 passengers, depending on the taxi company and the time of booking. Opening hours: Open daily (except Mondays).

Tuan Chau Island

The hotel is about 13.3 km away, roughly a 21-minute drive via the Halong-Hoang Quoc Viet road. The one-way taxi fare is approximately 152,000 VND for cars seating 4-7 people, depending on the taxi company and booking time.Tuan Chau Island is the most renowned tourist destination in the North and is the most beautiful among the 1,969 islands in Halong Bay. On Tuan Chau Island, visitors can partake in various water sports activities such as: high-speed jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, fishing in Halong Bay, canoeing, hot air ballooning over Halong Bay, mountain climbing, and camping.

There are also other attractions nearby, such as: Cua Van Fishing Village (1.55 km), Halong Bay (6 km), Poem Mountain (2.28 km), and others.

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Royal Halong Hotel – One of the 5 star hotels in Halong Bay with 5 beautiful views

Royal Halong Hotel - One of the 5 star hotels in Halong Bay with 5 beautiful views
Royal Halong Hotel – One of the 5 star hotels in Halong Bay with 5 beautiful views

Royal Ha Long Hotel is one of the 5 star hotels in Halong Bay closest to the beach. The Royal Halong Hotel is just a short 6-minute walk from the beach. Located in the city center, this hotel boasts an indoor swimming pool, a business service center, and numerous spacious rooms that offer panoramic views of Halong Bay for your enjoyment.

Every room at the Royal Halong Hotel is equipped with modern air conditioning. Amenities include carpeted flooring, wardrobes, televisions with cable channels, minibars, and a spacious sitting area. At the Royal Halong Hotel, you can indulge in the most luxurious and professional services. Additionally, its favorable geographical location will help you save both time and travel costs when visiting the idyllic sights in Halong.

Rooms of Royal Halong Hotel
Rooms of Royal Halong Hotel

Detailed address

  • Address: Halong Road, Bai Chay, Halong City.
  • Phone number: 84 203 3848 999

Tourist attractions near Royal Halong Hotel

Situated in the heart of Halong City, the Royal Halong Hotel offers convenient access to a plethora of nearby attractions. A mere 1.7 km away, you’ll find Sun World Halong Park, a must-visit entertainment hub for families and travelers alike. Dive deep into local culture with a visit to the revered Long Tien Pagoda and the iconic Bai Tho Mountain, both located just 8.8 km from the hotel.

For art enthusiasts, the 3D Funny Art Exhibition at Halong Marine Plaza, a mere 3.8 km away, promises a unique visual treat. Delve deeper into the region’s history at the Quang Ninh Museum, situated 9.8 km away, or soak in nature’s splendor at Halong Flower Park, located 9.1 km from the hotel. All these destinations are easily reachable from the Royal Halong Hotel, making it an ideal base for your Halong explorations.

Citadines Marina

Citadines Marina
Citadines Marina

The Citadines Marina Halong Hotel is strategically located in the heart of Bai Chay, Halong’s premier tourist district. It’s worth noting that Citadines is a brand under The Ascott Limited Group – a leading global serviced residence operator headquartered in Singapore.

Citadines Marina Ha Long Hotel is one of the 5 star hotels in Halong Bay boasting a total of 580 luxury rooms, all exuding luxury and sophistication, with breathtaking views of the sea. Guests can seamlessly check in and immerse themselves in unparalleled comfort and tranquility right here.

Cuisine brings together the most unique flavors in the world
Cuisine brings together the most unique flavors in the world

Detailed address

  • Address: Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Hung Thang Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh.
  • Phone number: 0983 050 050

Tourist attractions near Citadines Marina

Marina Night Market

This is the largest night market in Halong, bustling and vibrant as the city comes alive at night. Visitors here can indulge in shopping and savor famous local delicacies.

Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay Beach is one of the most beautiful man-made beaches in Halong. With a coastline stretching over 1000 meters, tourists can freely enjoy, take check-in photos, and try various beach activities with their friends.

Sun World Halong Park

This amusement park offers countless exciting games for both adults and children to experience together. Additionally, there’s a Ferris wheel that allows you to sit and admire the breathtaking views from above.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you choose to stay in Halong Bay?

  • Halong Bay stands out as a sought-after travel spot, renowned for its captivating landscapes, diverse fauna, and historic floating communities. If you have an appreciation for natural beauty, activities like kayaking and trekking, and a keen interest in regional traditions, Halong Bay might just be your ideal destination. However, if you’re inclined towards city vibes or fast-paced settings, this might not be your cup of tea.

What amenities does the Royal Halong Hotel offer in its rooms?

  • The rooms are equipped with modern air conditioning, carpeted flooring, wardrobes, televisions with cable channels, minibars, and a spacious sitting area.

Are these hotels suitable for business meetings and events?

  • Yes, hotels like the Grand View Palace and Wyndham Legend Halong are equipped with conference spaces and facilities suitable for business meetings and events.

Do these hotels offer views of Halong Bay?

  • Yes, many of the listed hotels, like the Grand View Palace Hotel and Citadines Marina Halong Hotel, offer breathtaking views of Halong Bay.

Where’s the prime location to lodge in Halong Bay?

  • Halong City: As the major city proximate to Halong Bay, it boasts a spectrum of lodgings – from economical homestays to luxury resorts. Opt for Halong City if you wish to be adjacent to the bay while still having city conveniences.
  • Bai Chay: Recognized for its pristine beaches, this frequently visited tourist spot lies on the mainland near Halong Bay. Bai Chay is handy for bay excursions, but be mindful, it tends to get packed in the high season.
  • Cat Ba Island: As Halong Bay’s grandest island, it promises a more untouched and organic ambiance. If a tranquil getaway is what you desire, Cat Ba might be perfect. Just remember, its isolated nature means dining and recreation choices might be somewhat limited.

Above are San Travel recommendations for top 5 best 5 Star Hotels in Halong Bay. We hope you will find a suitable vacation spot for your upcoming trip! Contact us immediately to receive attractive incentives and vouchers when booking Halong Bay tour. Our dedicated staff will always be ready to assist you in ensuring your vacation is more complete and meaningful.

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