While the best months to visit Halong Bay are typically from October to December, if you’re planning a trip in September and are concerned about Halong Bay Weather in September, don’t worry. The following article from San Travel will provide you with all the necessary information to help you make the most of your visit to Halong Bay.

Overview Halong Bay weather in September

Overview Halong Bay weather in September
Overview Halong Bay weather in September

As Ha Long Bay transitions from the heat of summer to the cooler autumn in September, understanding the Halong Bay Weather in September becomes crucial for travelers. The climate during this month is typically warm and humid, accompanied by moderate rainfall.

In terms of temperatures, you can expect them to range from 24°C to 29°C in Halong Bay during September. The warmer days may see highs averaging around 31°C, while cooler evenings often dip to lows near 22°C. The humidity level also remains high, averaging at 75%.

It’s important to note that September is part of the typhoon season in Halong Bay, which extends from July to October. While typhoons are not a frequent occurrence, the possibility of rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds still exists. Therefore, regularly checking the weather forecast and following local authority advisories is essential during this time.

Despite these considerations, September can be an appealing time to visit Halong Bay. The Halong Bay Weather in September is generally pleasant, and with fewer tourists around, it offers a more tranquil experience. However, visitors should be prepared for the occasional bout of rainy or stormy weather typical of this transitional period.

Advantages and disadvantages when coming to Halong Bay in September


  1. End of Low Season Advantages: September marks the tail end of the low season in Halong Bay, offering enticing promotions for cruise bookings, making it an economically savvy choice for travelers.
  2. Less Crowded Experience: With fewer tourists, you can enjoy more serene moments. Whether it’s kayaking through the emerald waters or indulging in onboard services, the experience is more personal and less rushed.
  3. Ideal for Outdoor Enthusiasts: As a transitional month, September offers excellent weather conditions, making it perfect for those who relish outdoor activities. The blend of mild temperatures and gentle breezes create an ideal setting for exploration.


  1. Rainy Weather: While September does see some rainfall, it’s typically not excessive or frequent. However, it’s something to be mindful of when planning outdoor activities.
  2. Potential for Weather Disruptions: Though it’s a rarity, tours might face cancellations due to adverse weather conditions. This is a factor worth considering for those with tight travel schedules.

Things to do in Halong Bay September

Swimming and Kayaking

Swimming in Ha Long Bay
Swimming in Ha Long Bay

Swimming and kayaking are undoubtedly top activities to engage in at Halong Bay in September. The reason lies in the more comfortable outdoor temperatures during this month. With reduced rainfall and storms, you can fully immerse in the bay’s beauty under sunny skies.

Overnight Cruising

The likelihood of heavy rains and storms significantly decreases in September, allowing you to enjoy an overnight journey in Halong Bay without much worry about adverse weather conditions. It’s best to explore the bay over three days to fully experience its famous attractions and engaging activities. Onboard entertainment is also exceptional, featuring morning Tai Chi sessions, sunset parties, squid fishing, and cooking classes.

Seaplane Tours

Embarking on a seaplane tour offers a breathtaking experience as you admire the stunning beauty of Halong Bay from altitudes ranging from 150 to 300 meters. These 25-minute tours, provided by Hai Au Aviation, are a unique way to witness the bay’s majesty.

Mountain Climbing

Anchoring the mountain when coming to Ha Long Bay is an activity you should try
Anchoring the mountain when coming to Ha Long Bay is an activity you should try

Situated 40km from Halong Bay, Yen Tu Mountain is a renowned pilgrimage site that attracts many visitors for its scenic beauty. At the mountain’s base, you’ll find traditional villages where you can explore unique aspects of Vietnamese culture. Trekking up to Yen Tu peak, you’ll pass through numerous temples, with the famous Dong Pagoda situated at the summit.

What should I bring when coming here?

When packing for your trip in light of the Halong Bay weather in September, it’s best to opt for light clothing, comfortable sandals, and a sun hat. Heavy or warm clothing won’t be necessary as the Halong Bay weather in September remains conducive to water-based activities. Don’t forget to pack your swimwear to fully enjoy these activities. Given the potentially strong sunlight during this time, ensuring full sun protection is key. Carrying high-SPF sunscreen is essential to safeguard against the September sun in Halong Bay.

Overall, September stands out as an ideal time for a Halong Bay getaway, balancing favorable weather with cost-effectiveness. It’s widely regarded as one of the prime months to explore this stunning destination, offering the double advantage of pleasant climate and attractive pricing. Experience the best of Halong Bay without stretching your budget by booking a cruise with us for some of the most competitive deals available.

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1. Is September a Good Time for a Halong Bay Trip?

Absolutely! September signals the onset of the peak tourist season in Halong Bay, offering more enjoyable weather for visitors. Storms and heavy rains are less frequent, and many cruise operators still have attractive deals, allowing you to enjoy premium services at a lower cost.

2. How Much Does It Rain in Halong Bay in September?

Rainfall in Halong Bay significantly decreases in September, averaging around 190mm over 14 days. This means there’s a high likelihood of experiencing pleasant weather for sightseeing.

3. Should I Visit Halong Bay in September or October?

Both months are great for a Halong Bay trip. However, while October might have slightly better weather, it also tends to be more crowded with tourists.

4. Do I Need to Book Services Ahead of Time for September?

Yes, it’s highly recommended. With September marking the start of the peak season, cruises and other services tend to get booked quickly. Early booking can also snag you some promotional deals, making your trip more cost-effective.

5. What Indoor Activities Are Available if I Prefer Staying Inside?

If you choose to stay indoors, relaxing on a cruise to enjoy the stunning bay views is a great option. Other indoor activities in Halong include exploring local museums, enjoying the Sun World entertainment complex, or visiting Tuan Chau Island and Tuan Chau Park.