As Happy Lunar New Year 2024 approaches, we’re set to embrace the joy and traditions of this significant cultural event. The Lunar New Year, marking the start of a new lunar cycle, is a time of renewal and celebration. This article will explore the customs, significance, and global celebrations of the Lunar New Year, focusing on 2024’s zodiac animal, the Dragon. Vietnamese Tet 2024, or Tet Nguyen Dan, will begin on February 10th, 2024, ushering in the Year of the Dragon. This significant public holiday in Vietnam will span from February 8th to 14th, 2024, offering a week of celebrations and cultural traditions. Join San Travel to learn how different cultures around the world celebrate this festive time, combining age-old traditions with modern festivals through the article below.

When will Tet 2024 take place?

Lunar New Year falls on February 10 of the Gregorian calendar and January 1 of the Lunar calendar
Lunar New Year falls on February 10 of the Gregorian calendar and January 1 of the Lunar calendar

Vietnamese New Year 2024, also celebrated as Tet 2024 and aligning with Happy Lunar New Year 2024, falls on February 10th in the Gregorian calendar and January 1st in the Lunar calendar. The timing of Tet shifts each year, usually between late January and early February due to the leap month in the Lunar Calendar every three years.

Tet, short for Tet Nguyen Dan, translates to the celebration of the first morning of the new year. This festival is the pinnacle of Vietnamese culture, embodying more than just the transition from the old to the new year. It symbolizes the balance between the earthly and the celestial, serving as a time to honor ancestors, express gratitude towards parents, and reunite with family, all under the spirit of  Happy Lunar New Year 2024.

How long does Tet take place?

When discussing Vietnamese New Year, often in the context of Happy Lunar New Year 2024, foreigners are curious about its duration and the extensive preparations that begin weeks or months in advance. While Tet is officially a public holiday in Vietnam with about 7 days off, the festival actually extends over 20 days, deeply rooted in the cultural and spiritual life of the Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese New Year 2024 or Tet, celebrating Happy Lunar New Year 2024, lasts from December 23rd to January 15th in the Lunar Calendar. This period is marked by a series of celebrations and activities, each with significant spiritual meaning in the lives of the Vietnamese.

The celebration of Tet 2024, under the banner of Happy Lunar New Year 2024, can be divided into three main periods:

  1. Before New Year’s Eve (December 23rd to 30th): This phase is all about preparation. It involves cleaning and decorating homes, cooking traditional foods, and purchasing new clothes, all in anticipation of the New Year.
  2. New Year’s Eve (December 30th): The pinnacle of the Tet celebrations, this day is filled with family reunions, bustling temples, and homes. It’s a time for reflection, honoring ancestors, and setting intentions for the coming year, all while ringing in Happy Lunar New Year 2024.
  3. The New Year (January 1st to 15th): The first days of the New Year are dedicated to visiting family and friends, exchanging gifts, and conveying wishes for prosperity and happiness. Each day has its own customs and traditions, creating a festive and joyous atmosphere.

Throughout these stages, Tet or the Happy Lunar New Year 2024, is more than just a celebration of the new year; it’s a profound expression of Vietnamese heritage, encompassing the values of family, community, and cultural continuity.

What is the Vietnamese zodiac animal for Lunar New Year 2024?

Lunar New Year 2024 will enter the year of the Dragon
Lunar New Year 2024 will enter the year of the Dragon

In traditional Asian culture, each year is symbolically represented by one of the 12 animals in the zodiac cycle. These animals, in their specific order, are the rat, ox, tiger, cat, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. Each animal not only represents a year but also brings its own unique set of attributes and meanings. Following the year of the Cat in 2023, the Vietnamese New Year 2024 ushers in the year of the Dragon.

The Dragon holds a special place in the zodiac as one of the most powerful and auspicious symbols. It embodies exceptional talent, strength, nobility, fortune, and success. Therefore, 2024 is anticipated to be a particularly favorable year, especially for those born in previous years of the Dragon, such as 2024, 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, and so on.

Furthermore, 2024 is also regarded as an auspicious year to have children. Babies born in Dragon years are traditionally believed to possess characteristics like kindness, gentle personality, remarkable endurance, enthusiasm, and a strong sense of gratitude. This belief adds to the overall positivity and high expectations associated with the Dragon year in Vietnamese and broader Asian cultures.

How long will the 2024 Tet holiday last?

Tet, Vietnam’s most extended public holiday, varies in length, typically offering a 5 to 9-day break depending on one’s occupation and work schedule. In 2024, the Tet holiday is planned to span 7 days, from February 8th (the 29th of Lunar December) to February 14th, 2024 (the 5th of Lunar January). However, this schedule might be adjusted as per the directives of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs as the festival draws nearer.

While these dates represent the official holiday period for government employees, students, and most workers, private companies and organizations in Vietnam have the flexibility to set their own holiday schedules. This allows for a varied observance of Tet across different sectors, accommodating the diverse needs of the workforce while honoring this culturally significant time.

A Comprehensive Guide to Traveling in Vietnam During TET

Popular destinations for Lunar New Year celebrations

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Vietnamese Tet with traditional decorative styles in Hanoi
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Vietnamese Tet with traditional decorative styles in Hanoi
  1. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Immerse in the heart of Vietnamese Tet celebrations with traditional decorations, street parades, and bustling markets.
  2. Beijing, China: Experience the grandeur of Chinese New Year with iconic dragon dances, fireworks, and the famous Temple Fair.
  3. Seoul, South Korea: Delight in the Seollal festivities with traditional games, ancestral rites, and authentic Korean New Year dishes.
  4. Singapore: Enjoy a fusion of cultures in the Lunar New Year celebrations with stunning light displays in Chinatown and the Chingay Parade.
  5. San Francisco, USA: Home to one of the largest Chinese New Year parades outside Asia, offering a blend of traditional and modern celebrations.

Tips for traveling during Lunar New Year

  1. Book in Advance: Accommodations and transportation can be scarce, so plan and book well ahead of time.
  2. Expect Crowds and Traffic: Be prepared for bustling streets and busy public transport.
  3. Respect Local Traditions: Engage respectfully with the local customs and participate in the festivities.
  4. Carry Cash: Many vendors during Lunar New Year may not accept cards, so having cash is convenient.
  5. Check Business Hours: Some shops and attractions may have altered opening hours or be closed during the festival.

Traveling during the Lunar New Year offers a window into the diverse and vibrant ways different cultures celebrate this auspicious time. Whether you prefer the authentic local experience or the global fusion of traditions, the Lunar New Year is a period of joy, reflection, and cultural immersion.

Lunar New Year Resolutions and Wishes

The Concept of Making Resolutions or Wishes

  1. Self-Improvement: Many focus on personal growth, aiming to adopt healthier habits, learn new skills, or improve relationships.
  2. Prosperity and Success: Resolutions often include goals for career advancement, financial stability, or academic achievements.
  3. Health and Wellbeing: Prioritizing physical and mental health is a common theme, with resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier or practice mindfulness.

Popular and Meaningful New Year Wishes

  1. Good Health: “Wishing you a year of robust health and tranquility”
  2. Prosperity: “May this New Year bring you abundant prosperity and success”
  3. Happiness: “Hoping your year is filled with joy, laughter, and precious moments”
  4. Peace: “May peace and harmony bless your home this year”

As we reflect on the Lunar New Year, it’s clear that this festival is much more than a mere calendar event; it’s a deep-rooted celebration that resonates with joy, cultural richness, and a sense of renewal. The Lunar New Year, with its vibrant traditions, family reunions, and symbolic practices, offers a unique opportunity to connect with a heritage that has been cherished for centuries.

This celebration, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries, invites everyone to partake in its joyous festivities. Whether it’s enjoying the colorful parades, savoring traditional delicacies, or simply spending time with loved ones, the Lunar New Year is a time to embrace new beginnings and create lasting memories.

To those who are new to this tradition, the Lunar New Year presents a splendid opportunity to explore and learn about different cultures. Engaging with these customs offers a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse world we live in.

As we bid farewell to this article, let’s carry forward the spirit of unity and joy that the Lunar New Year embodies. Here’s extending heartfelt wishes to everyone for a Happy Lunar New Year 2024. May this year of the Dragon bring prosperity, happiness, and good health to all. Let’s cherish these moments and look forward to a year filled with hope and new possibilities. Happy Lunar New Year 2024!

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