Austriella Corrugata: Ha Long’s Unique Culinary Delight

Discover the culinary treasure of Halong Bay – the Austriella Corrugata. This unique mollusk is not just a delicacy in the region’s vibrant seafood repertoire but also a symbol of its rich maritime heritage. In Ha Long, known for its breathtaking seascapes, the local cuisine is a kaleidoscope of traditional Vietnamese flavors and seafood wonders, […]

Sipunculus Nudus: Discovering Ha Long’s Exquisite Delicacy

Dive into the culinary depths of Ha Long’s unique marine delicacies, where the Sipunculus Nudus, commonly known as peanut worms, reigns as a gastronomic treasure. These intriguing sea creatures, a staple in the region’s diverse aquatic bounty, offer a taste experience that is as unusual as it is revered. A cherished specialty in Ha Long, […]

Horseshoe Crab Delicacy: A Culinary Journey in Halong Bay

Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Vietnam, is as famous for its sublime scenery as it is for its rich culinary landscape. The Horseshoe Crab (Sam), a local delicacy, captures the essence of Ha Long’s diverse marine life and the culinary creativity of its people. More than a dish, the Horseshoe Crab is […]

How to Get to Bai Tu Long Bay: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Bai Tu Long Bay, a serene and unspoiled sibling of the famed Halong Bay, remains one of Vietnam’s best-kept secrets. As a less-traveled alternative, it offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of pristine beauty and tranquility. This hidden gem is a haven of peaceful waters, stunning limestone karsts, and rich biodiversity, […]

Halong Bay Water Quality: Assessing the Health of a Natural Wonder

Halong Bay, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, captivates visitors with its breathtaking seascape and limestone karsts. The essence of this natural marvel is deeply intertwined with the condition of its waters, making the topic of Halong Bay water quality not just an environmental concern but a crucial aspect of its allure and preservation. […]

Sung Sot Cave Reviews: Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Halong Bay

Sung Sot Cave a breathtaking wonder in Halong Bay and a celebrated UNESCO World Heritage Site, captivates visitors with its stunning formations and vast chambers. Often referred to as the ‘Surprise Cave,’ its unparalleled beauty and grand scale mark it as a standout destination in Vietnam. This guide, thoughtfully presented by San Travel, is crafted […]

Tuan Chau Harbour: A Comprehensive Guide to Vietnam’s Coastal Gem

The scenery of Halong Bay resembles a captivating and exquisite painting, complete with a crystal-clear blue sky, towering mountains, and the serene sea. Countless vibrant yachts weave in and out of the Tuan Chau International Tourist Area, adding to the wondrous sparkle of Halong Bay. To better understand Tuan Chau Port, let’s read the following […]

Halong Bay Airport: Your Gateway to Vietnam’s Natural Wonder

Halong Bay, renowned for its stunning limestone karsts and emerald waters, is a top tourist destination in Vietnam and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The nearest airport, Halong Bay Airport, significantly enhances the accessibility of this natural wonder, making it an essential hub for tourists. Its role in promoting tourism is vital, as it not […]

Descending Dragon Bay: A Mystical Journey Through Vietnam’s Natural Wonder

Descending Dragon Bay, known locally as Halong Bay, is a natural wonder located in northeastern Vietnam. Renowned for its emerald waters and over 1,600 limestone islands, the bay forms a spectacular seascape that has captivated visitors worldwide. The name “Halong” translates to “Bay of the Descending Dragon,” a nod to a legend of a dragon […]

Halong Bay Cruise Booking: A Comprehensive Guide for an Unforgettable Journey

Halong Bay, a jewel of Vietnam and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, captivates visitors with its crystal-clear waters and majestic limestone formations. The key to a truly remarkable journey in this natural paradise is choosing the perfect cruise. San Travel, a reputable agency for Halong Bay cruise booking presents a variety of trustworthy and adaptable […]